Black Tulip

All cultural tradition needs critiques, parodies, revisions and footnotes and moreover, obviously, a continuous stream of references inherent to a field or environment. Contemporary art is a very fertile field in this aspect; as such commentaries make up the foundations of countless different projects, which among others, include those of the collaborative entity called Black Tulip that was created in Barcelona in 2009 as an umbrella that temporarily hosts one artist or a group of them as anonymous collaborators. This group of artists generally revises the tradition that their works are built into, through modes, forms, methods, strategies and schemes that are parallel and alternative to the contemporary canon, in order to explain things, phenomena and elusive realities of both art and culture, and daily life.

To do so, they make use of the installation, the photograph, the video, the meetings for storytelling and the lecture-performance, which are always undertaken with an alleged immediate freshness and an economy of media and materials, and always also characterised by a somewhat grotesque theatricality. A few intertextual resources, several references and artistic tributes, as well as different allusions to the so-called low culture, to a certain degree accentuate in their work a sceptical air and a healthy sense of humour that never avoids or camouflages vulnerability.


Black Tulip’s Gallery

Black Tulip’s Video

Conferencia performativa ‘Post Believers’, de Black Tulip

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