Elmgreen and Dragset

Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1961; Trondheim, Norway, 1961) made a name for themselves in the mid 1990s as a two-man collaborative through their actions and installations which very soon stood out by virtue of their strong social and political orientation. A good example of that are their celebrated Powerless Structures, a suite of works developed throughout time and in which the artists explore the notion of space in all its manifold possibilities of meaning and function. In this series, the reversion of terms in the purest Foucauldian sense of the word exerts a powerful critique of the art system through architecture, dealing with a number of gender questionings on gay identity and aspects of youth and art subcultures.

Thus, the issue of the construction of meaning, both in the private and the public or institutional space, and its sexual connotation emerges as a key element in the work of Elmgreen & Dragset. June 12th is the outcome of a work in progress the artists created in the context of their exhibition project at the MUSAC and which materialised in a private party held on Saturday 12th June 2008, to which they invited young people from León. The following day, the artists documented the traces and the “after party” was turned into a permanent installation at the courtyard of the museum where the party had taken place. Hence, the artists activate not only the space that exists between the public and the private, but a number of mechanisms around how memory plays a role in our re-construction of events.

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