Erik Beltrán y Bernardo Ortiz

The work of Erick Beltrán (Mexico City, 1974) focuses on an ongoing research into, and reflection on, the mechanisms articulating systems of thought, particularly those concerning the power relations existing between the process of publishing and the construction of discourse. Taking his starting point in diagrams, compiling information, placements in media or lectures, Beltrán addresses the way in which images are defined, validated, organised, classified, selected, reproduced and distributed to create political, economic and cultural discourses in contemporary society, as well as how publishing defines our world and the power relations among different groups of people.

At MUSAC he will present the third instalment of Game Piece: a research project carried out with the Colombian artist Bernardo Ortiz (Bogotá, Colombia, 1972), centred on the archives of Wittgenstein, a key thinker for contemporary culture. The two previous instalments were made in the archives of the philosopher in Bergen and Vienna. This third part of Game Piece at the MUSAC will be based on research carried out by the two artists at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Erik Beltrán’s Gallery

Erik Beltrán’s Video

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