Francisco Ruiz de Infante

Francisco Ruiz de Infante (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 1966) belongs to a generation of artists whose sensibility and concerns are coloured by the encounter and confrontation between technology and other materials. Nearly always ephemeral, his proposals are usually the outcome of on-site experience. The experimental situations Ruiz de Infante proposes and the unbalance they provoke are often a “trap” of sorts created to trigger in spectators a questioning of their own perceptual reality. Ruiz de Infante engages in a reconstruction of some of the ways memory operates when activated from the present: in the form of powerful impulses full of information errors, or as a torrent of images endlessly restarting. His proposal for the MUSAC galleries is titled La línea and amounts to a reflection on the relationship between what we want to do and what we actually do; between what should have been and what really is; between desire and reality.

The line will be described, drawn, erased, measured, trapped in what is heard and seen. Real time and delayed time will be superimposed, and little by little the space of the lecture will be turned into a laboratory for perceptual experimentations in which there is a tireless attempt to readjust and correct, understand and foresee, that strange line that allows us to go on living. After the lecture-performance the audiovisual device, with some slight variations, will become autonomous and transformed into a “melancholic object.”


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