Isidoro Valcárcel Medina

For more than forty years, the practice of Isidoro Valcárcel Medina (Murcia, Spain, 1937) has been predicated on conceptual rigour and consistency. His proposals are known from their committed stance, removed from mainstream aspects of the art system. One of his statements provides us a glimpse of his understanding of art: “Art is a personal action which may be used as an example, but will never have an exemplary value.” Thus, for the artist, art only makes sense when it makes us aware of and responsible for a personal reality, usually through the very play and game of art itself. Valcárcel Medina’s practice has been evolving towards a dematerialisation based more on the experience of art rather than on its objectualisation. And, inasmuch as an experience, many of his works can only be experienced live, without any chance of reliving them. This attitude is what allows the artist to interrelate life and art, and art with a critical and thought-provoking reflection on reality.

For that reason, in recent years lectures have played a key role in this artist’s practice. At the MUSAC he will be imparting for the first and only time the lecture titled Sólo una vez (Only Once) that the artist has written only once and which will be presented and read before the audience once. The pages of his paper will be thrown into the wastepaper bin after being read and it will not be possible to impart that lecture ever again.


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