Jaime Vallaure y Rafael Lamata

This piece titled ABC de la performance by Jaime Vallaure (Oviedo, Spain, 1965), Rafael Lamata (Valencia, Spain, 1959) and Daniela Musicco characterized as a stewardess, is a pivotal work in the history of video performance in Spain. With a heightened sense of humour and breeziness, this piece offers us an exploration of performance, its codes and languages. The authors use a simple and readily recognisable structure: a tour of the alphabet in order to, with each letter, peruse ways of doing, resources, possibilities and doubts having to do with the art of performance. Aware of its in-built absurdity, the piece is sustained on an elevated sense of lucidity, which shows thorough in the dialogues, the comments and the clarifications given by the two main characters in the video.

On occasions the acting of the couple brings to mind a classic comedy duo, such as Tip and Coll. Their prosody is quick and sharp, and although the dialogue is humorous, they manage to generate quite profound political reflections. The impact of this work on the ulterior development of performance in Spain is undeniable. It sets the stage for a way of critically approaching an artistic genre which is difficult to accept for certain cultural circles.

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