Javier Peñafiel

From his poetic stance and using the voice as a connecting thread, Peñafiel’s work as a whole draws a path through history, recovering the —both documented and sensed— presence of key figures who chose critical thought as a way of fighting and resistance. In research projects and long-term works —already presented at Galería Joan Prats, in Barcelona— including Distancia, miento on the figure of Ruth Berlau (Bertolt Brecht’s sentimental and working partner), or Locución Merkel-Bachelet, a fictional encounter between Michelle Bachelet and Angela Merkel in a tram in the German Democratic Republic during the 1970s, Javier Peñafiel (Zaragoza, Spain, 1964) extracts and codifies new materials in video, drawn texts or books with photographs and texts, arranged in an installation of sorts that accompanies and qualifies the presence of those materials which are in turn reinterpreted in the live dramatised lecture he will present with the actress Rita Só. Formally speaking, the proposal is materialised in a montage, in the filmic sense of the word, generating a collage of visual and textual references and documentations revisiting a certain historical time and a set of key characters critical to a proper understanding of the contemporary world.



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