Loreto Martínez Troncoso

The practice of Loreto Martínez Troncoso (Vigo, Spain, 1978) has its groundbases in performance, the inscription of her biography in a number of social codifications and, first and foremost, the constituent power of the voice and the word. She temporarily inhabits, or uses, certain conventions to address identity and the processes by which said identity is conformed, shared, changed, fictionalised and determined by normative institutions or contexts. The artist uses texts, the written or spoken word, language and silence to build situations and narratives. Performances, sound pieces, journals, videos, installations, many texts in varied forms of presentation and communication with the public, slides, monologues, surveys, workshops and lectures are some of the varied supports this artist uses in her works, which often operate as documents of the process of creation. Sin voz (2011) is a vinyl that recorded the performance of the artist for the exhibition El grito in 2011-2012. In this work, voice plays a key element, as in many other works by this artist, which connect us with intimacy or with something which we may not entirely grasp.

The individual voice tends to be silenced and/or controlled by social restrictions and repressions of all kinds. That sentient and aching voice is called upon by Martínez Troncoso to make her emerge in the intimate crevice she has found shelter in. Establishing a connection between a disembodied voice and the recorded discourse or script, this sound piece represents the train of thought of a character with whom many people may identify. In this vinyl record a female voice looks for words while reflecting on silence as a form of speech and on the experience of fear and awe which, at the end of the day, allow for the manumission of that voice we all have hidden deep inside us.

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